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CCTV Cameras for your Home

The PIR CCTV System

A Perfect Security Camera System for your Home

What is the PIR CCTV System?

The PIR CCTV System offers great protection for you home. It comes with CCTV camera which have PIR movement detection and also a warning light to act as a deterrent.

The Systems also has detection analytics which can detect people and vehicles for quick reference.

The CCTV System Equipment


The CCTV recorder controls the network settings, Analytics and holds the hard-drive. Recorders come in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels.


The PIR cameras. These come with a build in spotlight and PIR motion detection.


The PIR cameras and recorder are powered from a 12V power supply included with the installation.


The CCTV system is wired using processional CCTV cable. All attempts are made to hide cable from sight.

How Does the PIR CCTV Connect to your Internet?

Typically the CCTV recorder is hidden away somewhere in the house or loft. We use poweline adaptors which makes the internet connection from the your router to the CCTV Recorder. The way is great as no internet cables will need to be ran through your home.

Hik Connect App

The CCTV App

The CCTV app controls the CCTV system and also receives notifications that alert the homeowner.

What can you do from the CCTV app?

  • View live video

  • View recorded video

  • Receive notifications

  • Add/remove users

  • Save recordings to your phone

  • Send recordings via email, SMS, Facebook etc

How  many users can use the app?

  • You can add as many users as you like

What devices work with the app?

  • All tablets and phones with IOS, Android or Windows OS

How much does the app cost?

  • The app is free to download and free to use

The Scenario

The homeowner is away from home and a passerby takes a liking to a piece of furniture in your garden. The passerby decides that they would like to steal the furniture and they make their way in through the garden gate.

(The CCTV system has a set boundary which protects the garden).

The moment the passerby steps into the protected boundary, the PIR camera instantly flashes its warning light. At the same time a notification is sent to the homeowner. The passerby looks up to the camera when the warning light catches their eye, before quickly leaving empty handed

The homeowner still has their garden furniture as well as excellent HD facial evidence.

A great deterrent with outstanding evidence.

Motion Detection CCTV
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CCTV Camera With Spotlight

Why CCTV at Home?

Have you ever thought about having a CCTV system installed in your home?

We provide security camera installations for lots of reasons and not all of them are are because a crime has been committed.

We  ask our customers their reason for wanting a CCTV system and we have put together the top 10 reasons.

1, Vehicle vandalism

2. Dispute with neighbours

3. Fear of crime in local area

4. After garden theft

5. After a burglary

6. Suspicious activity in local area

7. Keeping an eye on an elderly relative

8. To watch home while away

9. For added reassurance

10. To watch wildlife

Having a security camera system  fitted is a 1 off purchase and may just be worth it for somewhere down the line


CCTV Camera With Colour Night Vision

What Subservience Cameras are Best for your Home?

So you thinking about having surveillance cameras fitted at your home but your not quite sure what cameras to install.

Firstly, your reason for wanting CCTV will be a good guide for the camera and system to use.

Security cameras differ in specification and have different functions.

Lets say you need CCTV to protect a gate that is 50 meters away.

You would need to think about fitting a camera with an adjustable lens for 50 meters night vision. You can focus into an area further away with an adjustable lens.

Lets say you need CCTV to protect your tool shed in your garden and you want to receive notifications.

Modern security cameras now come with great analytics, which are great for motion detection and false alarm reduction. A camera with person detection functions would be suitable in this instance.

Use our CCTV Quote Builder to find out how much a security system will cost.

Monitor you CCTV from your Phone


All of our CCTV systems come with device connection as standard.

You can connect all of your devices including, phone, tablet, laptop and PC.

You can connect as many devices as you like.

Even better, There are no subscription costs to view and record your CCTV.

Our Most Popular Security Cameras

Below are some of the most popular security cameras we install in homes. We use design tools and measurements when planning a CCTV system and this ensures the cameras are going to provide the highest protection. Security is important so we do it right first time.

Sporlight Security Camera

PIR Camera

Turbo HD 5MP PIR Bullet Camera, PIR detection, Visual Light Alarm, 3.6mm fixed focal lens, 12VDC ±25%,

Great for general protection of small to medium areas.

ColorVu Camera​

5 MP Full Time Colour Bullet Camera, ColorVu, Ultra Low-Light, White Light, 3.6mm lens, Switchable TVI/ AHD/ CVI/ CVBS, 12 VDC ± 25%, 

Great for seeing colour at night.

ColorVu CCTV Camera
Hikvision Bullet Camera


8 MP VF Bullet Camera

, 8.29 MP high performance CMOS, Colour: 0.01 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR, 2.7mm to 13.5mm Motorised Vari-focal lens, EXIR 2.0, Smart IR, up to 80m IR distance, 

Great for protecting areas at further away

Dome Camera

Turbo HD 4in1, 5MP Ultra-Low Light Dome Camera, Colour: 0.003 Lux@(F1.2, AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR, 2560 × 1944: up to 30fps, EXIR 2.0, smart IR, up to 60 m IR distance, 2.7 – 13.5mm Motorised Vari-focal lens,

Great for general subservience of larger areas

Hikvision Dome Camera
Hikvision Eyeball Camera

Eyeball Camera

Turbo HD 5MP PoC EXIR Turret Camera, 5MP CMOS image sensor, Colour: 0.01 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR, 2.8mm lens, EXIR 2.0, 2560 × 1944: 20fps, smart IR, up to 20 m IR distance

Small and great for general surveillance  of smaller areas

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