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"A Security systems company that offers professional installation services, using professional equipment at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on our customer care.

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CCTV systems in Bexhill on Sea

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent CCTV systems to our customers.

We have CCTV cameras with enhanced night vision and that can see number plates over 100 meters away.

All you have to do is tell us what you want your CCTV system to do and we will make it happen.

Bexhill CCTV installation, East Sussex..

Professional CCTV and security systems with great customer care and competitive pricing

Wired or Wireless CCTV?

Which is best?


Wired CCTV systems have been around for decades and have not changed much in terms of wiring infrastructure, although CCTV cameras and recording technology have come on a long way. Wired CCTV systems work and they are reliable, there is no battery to change or charge up and you don't have to worry about weak WiFi signals to the cameras. Wired CCTV systems consist of a CCTV recorder (NVR or DVR), and the cameras. Each camera is typically wired individually back to the recorder.

CCTV Wiring, Your main concern regarding a wired CCTV system may be the wiring, but done professionally, wired can be concealed and out of sight. We as a company pay particular attention to  wiring. on 99% of our jobs, there is not a wire in sight.

Wireless CCTV systems have become more common in recent years but are they any good? We try not to install wired CCTV systems as these types of systems fall into the  DIY category.  Wireless systems tend to come with basic features and can be unreliable. Our main goal is to provide the best level of security for our customers and we don't think wireless surveillance meets that criteria.  

Power ,  To power wireless CCTV system, you either have to charge the battery up every so often of you have to run power to the camera.  

Our Verdict

If you need more than 1 CCTV camera, then go for a wired system, A multi camera wired CCTV system will be cheaper, will have better performance and will be more reliable.

If you need just the 1 cameras then it may be cheaper to go for a wireless camera.

Home CCTV Bexhill

CCTV security cameras for your home.

Keep your home covered with our HD CCTV cameras.

Super clear images day and night with our true colour range and enhanced night vision.

Professional CCTV systems in Bexhill on Sea

HD CCTV on your phone, tablet and PC.

You get,,,,

  • A professional CCTV installation 

  • A 3 year warranty

  • 30 days recording

  • Free technical support

And there is no subscriptions to pay to view your CCTV

A service you can trust

GA Technical LTD likes the finer details and we know this makes a big difference.

Whether if its a Home installation or a business installation, we will take the work seriously. We are fully trained, insured and enhanced DBS checked. We do not disclose any information about our customers.

We are proud of the way we operate.

CCTV & Security Systems in East Sussex
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CCTV & Security Systems 

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